The Best Family Gifts That Will Delight the Entire Crew This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season in full swing and the countdown to Christmas getting closer and closer by the day, we can bet all that's on your mind right now is gift shopping for your family. While you may have already gotten all your besties their gifts, you most likely left the hardest for last, and that's somehow trying to figure out what gift to get your entire family. With a diverse range of ages and interests among your loved ones, it may seem like an impossible task to complete, but you can stop freaking out bestie because E! has you covered with our curated list of family gifts that everyone will love.

From thoughtful personalized mugs to household items both your home and family can benefit from (hello, Ninja Creami), these gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face this Christmas. Especially your sibling, whose chore list is going to shorten with some of these big-ticket presents (thanks to the Shark cordless vacuum). Plus, thinking about your loved ones isn't just for holidays and birthdays. You can surprise them with thoughtful gifts any time there's a reason to celebrate—it's the little things that count! So, if you're ready to shop for the whole family, scroll down for a list of the best family gift ideas that will get you through the holidays and other celebrations beyond.

Personalized Family Mugs

Avoid any mug mix-ups in the family with this cool set—each mug comes with its own name tag and a custom illustration. No more morning fights over using the wrong mug!

$32Uncommon Goods

Urban Accents MOVIE NIGHT Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

Spice up your popcorn game by letting the family pick their own flavors. This variety pack features GMO-free popcorn kernels and five gourmet seasonings to add a burst of deliciousness to your movie night.


Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Turn your cozy weekend evening into the ultimate family fun time with this low-stakes, high-excitement balancing game. Creatively designed and super easy to clean up, you'll find yourselves going round after round well into the night.

$14.99AmazonreadThe Best Gifts for Pets and Their Owners That Deserve A Round Of A-Paws

Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S'mores Maker

The Best Family Gifts That Will Delight the Entire Crew This Holiday Season

It wouldn't be the holiday season without a S'mores night with the fam! Elevate your bonding time with this indoor-friendly gadget, ensuring everyone stays warm and toasty while savoring the gooey goodness of this sweet treat. 


Cozyberry Serenity Candle Warmer

Improve the ambiance in your home with this sleek candle warmer, offering the safety of flameless enjoyment without compromising on fragrance or aesthetics. Compatible with large jars, it's the perfect match for your massive Bath & Body Works collection.


MSTJRY 5-Port Multi USB Charger Station

Say goodbye to charger conflicts and outlet wars with this portable charging station, a game-changer for charging up to five devices. You can thank us later for bringing harmony to your family nights.


ViaDante Home Concept Personalized Charcuterie Board and Knife Set

This personalized charcuterie board, complete with a versatile knife set and generous space for an array of meats, cheeses, and snacks, is a thoughtful grazing experience tailored for even the pickiest eaters in the family.


Colsen Tabletop Fire Pit

Perfect for those late-night hangouts, now you can stay cozy with this smokeless mini tabletop fire pit. Crafted from sleek concrete, standing at a mere 3.5" tall, it effortlessly adds warmth while remaining easily portable for versatile use around the house.


Ninja CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 XL Ice Cream Maker

Meet the must-have appliance of the year: the Ninja Creami. Seamlessly creating all things delicious and frozen, from dreamy ice cream and velvety gelato to perfectly blended cocktails, it's a game-changer in the kitchen.


Big Blanket Co Original Stretch Extra Large Blanket

End the movie night blanket battles with this oversized peacekeeper. Perfect for preventing sibling squabbles, this massive blanket ensures everyone stays cozy without the tugs of war.


Shark Cordless Detect Pro Auto-Empty System

If you're looking for a gift the whole family (and home) will benefit from, you can't go wrong with this E! editor-approved cordless vacuum. Trust us when we tell you the Shark Detect Pro will soon become the best present they've ever received, with the way it automatically detects and reacts to dirt for up to 50% better pickup. And if you have a furry friend in your home, this bad boy instantly switches its suction power to collect every single strand of fur from your carpet or couch (as tested by us!). Did we mention it also has an auto-empty system? So you'll definitely score points with your sibling for making their chore list shorter.

$449.99$349.99Amazon$449.99$349.99Shark Clean

Hai Smart Shower Head

You've probably spotted this shower head taking over social media, and for good reason—it's a standout among bath products. What sets it apart is its innovative feature of tracking water and energy usage through a handy app. With multiple spray settings and vibrant colors for a touch of fun in your bathroom, not to mention the added convenience of a flexible hose, it's a game-changer, especially for pet owners looking for an easier way to shower their furry friends in the tub.


Plufl The Original Human Dog Bed for Adults

Get ready for the best nap in your life with the Plufl. Whether you're a grown-up or a kid, this human-sized dog bed, featuring plush and supportive gel memory foam, guarantees a nap-time experience like no other. 


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, complete with a personalized controller and a whopping 64 gigs of storage, not only opens the door to a sea of entertaining games but also sets the stage for some spirited competition on game night.


23andMe Ancestry Service

For those eager to find out more about their family tree, this gift is a gem. The 23andMe service provides a comprehensive journey through family history, connecting the dots of the past and crafting a vivid portrait that contextualizes the many relatives in the lineage.


Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Indulge the hot chocolate enthusiast in your life with this smart mug, ensuring every sip of cocoa stays warm until the very end. With precise temperature control, it's especially crucial as the winter chill starts to creep in. And, for added convenience, pair it with the app for a delightful 80 minutes of heat on a full charge when the mug is away from the base.


SAMSUNG The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub

Investing in a big-ticket item like this Samsung portable projector can be the answer to all your doubts when it comes to family gifts. Seamlessly stream videos, shows, interactive art, and top games from Xbox and other streaming partners using the built-in Samsung Gaming Hub, no console required! Not only is it a gift the whole family will regularly enjoy, but it's also guaranteed to secure you the title of the ultimate gift-giving champion.


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